Each year we strive to improve and make our event a little better than the last.  Based on feedback we have received from you, our past race recipients, the following will be in place for the 2017 race.

1) Race Series Events - See the Race Series Events page for more detail.

2) Start / Finish / Venue Change
As many of you know from last year, we changed our base location for the race.  This change was due to a couple reasons, the main one being taking the railroad tracks, (and potential for a train), out of the race course.  Response was mostly all positive to this change and once again registration, start / finish, and all award activities will take place in same location as 2016.  708 North Broadway at the NTR Building.  Follow Broadway North through town and you can not miss it.  We'll have signs to direct.

3) Timing Company
This year our race will once again be timed by Split Master Timing Company, from Sikeston, MO.  This is same company as couple years, so not a change, but the response was so overwhelmingly positive, we thought it worth mentioning again!

4Group Discounts:

We are encouraging group participation including sports teams, bike clubs, running clubs, and businesses.  For all groups of 5 or more from same organization, we will be offering discounts.  See "Group Discount" page for more info.

More Porta Potties
We hear you...more on the way for 2017