BETHS Place is a Domestic Violence Shelter in Tuscola, Illinois. We help people who are in Domestic Violence situations. We serve Douglas County and the surrounding area.
The Mission of BETHS Place is to prevail over Domestic Violence by providing safe shelter and a comprehensive support system of well-trained, caring volunteer advocates equipped to help persons with domestic violence in their lives. We help them to be aware of their personal options and of the resources available to them and to encourage them to take control of their lives by making healthy decisions regarding themselves and their children. BETHS Place has a strong Confidentiality Policy.  We also assume responsibility for educating our communities on the cause and effects of Domestic Violence on children and adults, both now and in the future.  We hope to help families get help, and heal, whenever possible.  We are for healthy families and against Domestic Violence.
What is domestic violence?
  • Domestic violence is the mistreatment of one family member by another
  • Usually, persons who abuse and batter are spouses, ex-spouses, fathers, boyfriends, ex-boyfriends, or lovers
  • The victims of domestic violence are usually women and children
  • Domestic violence can be physical, sexual, verbal, emotional, or psychological
  • Domestic violence is never justified!
BETHS Place provides:
  • Confidentiality for victims in a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere
  • Short-term, transitional shelter
  • Referrals to counseling
  • Advocates trained to help women understand and deal with issues regarding their choices
  • Support for court visits and Order of Protections
  • Referrals to their community resources
  • Domestic violence support group classes for women who have experienced domestic violence
  • Education about domestic violence for religious, civic, and community groups
  • Training for volunteers in domestic violence programs
Hotline Numbers:
Local 217-253-2555
Toll Free 1-877-394-8284