Each year we strive to improve and make our event a little better than the last.  Based on feedback we have received from you, our past race recipients, the following will be in place for the 2019 race.

1) Race Series Events - See the Race Series Events page for more detail.  This was new last year, and although only a few participated, it was well received and will continue in 2019, with hopefully increased participation.  Check out the race series page for further detail.

2) Start / Finish / Venue 
No change... same as last year.  708 North Broadway at the NTR Building.  Follow Broadway North through town and you can not miss it.  We'll have signs to direct.

3)  Cooler weather than 2018... hopefully! 

As you can see, not many changes in 2019.  This is based on your feedback, and is a good thing!